Compensation for road accidents, occupational and other accidents and incorrect provision of health care

Legal services related to financial compensation are provided without direct client costs. Remuneration for legal services is paid only from the awarded and paid compensation, while it depends on its amount, and therefore we always strive to ensure that the compensation obtained is as high as possible. Unless compensation is obtained, the client does not reimburse the law firm for any fees or fees incurred in connection with the claim. Due to the complexity of the issue, we recommend potential clients to seek our professional help as soon as possible in order to obtain the compensation that really belongs to them.

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Our values
Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič


High standard of legal services, quick and reliable legal consulting and plenty of satisfied clients are our benchmark.

Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič

Individual protection

When providing legal services, our main objective is to find a tailor-made legal solution that corresponds to specific interests of our client.

Comprehensive protection

Thanks to a team of experts specialized in particular legal areas we are able to provide our clients with a complex legal protection.


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