As part of our activities we deal with organizing seminars and lectures. We perform lecturing activities for our clients as well as for external companies according to individual needs. We would like to introduce some examples of our specific legal areas that represent the subject of our educational activities.The Customs law is a separate legal area with a wide range. Within the lecturing activities we closely cooperate with DAC Consulting, Ltd., which is devoted mainly to customs and excise duties. We are also a co-founding member of CustomsLawGroup operating in the V4 countries and in Germany.

Tax law is directly related to customs issues. For this reason, our law firm has created a unique team of tax specialists, whereby the seminars in this area are mainly focused on issues of VAT, excise duties, as well as other topics related to tax law.

In terms of our legal system, the area of transport and freight forwarding law is unfortunately still insufficiently identified as an independent legal sector. International business transactions associated with the movement of goods require special attention and specialization. The seminars deal particularly with the elimination of possible errors and irregularities, the purpose of which is the elimination of possible damage. Our law firm is also a member of the Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of the Slovak Republic (in Slovak: Zväz logistiky a zasielateľstva Slovenskej republiky).

Agricultural law includes other sub-sectors, such as cooperative law, land law and many others. The lectures are prepared e.g. for members of the Regional Agricultural and Food Chamber of Trnava, of which we are also a member, or for international clients operating in this sector in our country.


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