We provide especially the following services:

  1. revision of the contractual terms and conditions and new legal obligations relating to Brexit,
  2. review of prices of goods in the light of duty and other new costs incurred in trade with the United Kingdom (information on duty amount and trade measures, prices of customs representation services, etc.),
  3. review of INCOTERMS in trade with the United Kingdom,
  4. ensuring the necessary registrations in the United Kingdom and the EU in the context of Brexit,
  5. consultations on the lodging of customs declarations in trade with the United Kingdom from 1st January 2021 and on the conduct of the customs procedure in relation to a specific type of goods and the maturity and payment of duty and VAT when trading with the United Kingdom,
  6. advice on simplifications of customs formalities and representation before the customs office in order to obtain simplifications for:
    • authorised consignee
    • authorised consignor
    • entry in the declarant´s records
    • reduction of guarantees for customs debts
    • simplified customs declarations,
    • etc.
  7. advice on obtaining the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and representation in proceedings to obtain the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO),
  8. representation before the customs office on change of the simplified procedure for the application of the comprehensive guarantee for the common transit procedure (TC 31) on exit of the United Kingdom,
  9. EORI registrations before the customs authorities,
  10. review and update of authorized special customs procedure for operations with the United Kingdom,
  11. recalculation of applied preferences on import into the EU or export into a third country, if the United Kingdom is included into the scheme,
  12. comprehensive customs audit of a company trading with the United Kingdom in the context of Brexit,
  13. consultations and analyses on any other matters relating to customs and excise duties law.
Our values
Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič


High standard of legal services, quick and reliable legal consulting and plenty of satisfied clients are our benchmark.

Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič

Individual protection

When providing legal services, our main objective is to find a tailor-made legal solution that corresponds to specific interests of our client.

Comprehensive protection

Thanks to a team of experts specialized in particular legal areas we are able to provide our clients with a complex legal protection.


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