We consider the tax law as one of the priorities when providing legal services, with regard to its immediate effect on the financial situation and stability of our clients. We take over the tax cases at the stage of tax supervisions and we represent our client until the termination of the case at the court, within the judicial review. For this purposes, we have a team of tax specialists, lawyers and attorneys at law. The cases in the area of excise duties and VAT are our specialization. However, we are able to represent the clients also in cases related to the income tax or other taxes.

We provide the following services:

  • representation of the clients in all stages of the proceeding, especially in the tax levy proceeding, in the proceeding on tax delicts, or by other infringements into the rights and interests of the clients protected by law in public proceedings before the tax offices, Financial Directorate of the SR and before courts,
  • provision of expert consulting, preparation of legal opinions and analyses e.g. for tax rates, tax procedures, obligations at transport of excise duty objects,  electronic communication with the financial administration, guarantee, return of excise duty, return or deduction of VAT, conditions of  intra-Community supply with exemption from VAT,
  • representation of the clients at registration, issue of the authorization, applications for return of excise duty, etc.,
  • representation of the clients during the tax controls, local investigations, oral proceedings for excise duties and VAT,
  • execution of tax audit (for excise duties),  monitoring of legislative changes.
Our values
Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič


High standard of legal services, quick and reliable legal consulting and plenty of satisfied clients are our benchmark.

Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič

Individual protection

When providing legal services, our main objective is to find a tailor-made legal solution that corresponds to specific interests of our client.

Comprehensive protection

Thanks to a team of experts specialized in particular legal areas we are able to provide our clients with a complex legal protection.


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