Our law firm provides our clients with legal support and consulting also with regard to purchase or sale of an enterprise, mergers, acquisitions or split-up of a company (including international activities) on a regular basis, whereas it concerns especially:

  • consulting in relation to legal possibilities of purchase or sale of an enterprise,
  • preparation of contractual documentation for sale of a share/stocks of a trading company, for sale of a company, or its part, for merger, acquisition or split-up of a trading company,
  • securing necessary legal steps in relation to public administration authorities or other persons in question.
Our values
Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič


High standard of legal services, quick and reliable legal consulting and plenty of satisfied clients are our benchmark.

Individuálna ochrana Prosman Pavlovič

Individual protection

When providing legal services, our main objective is to find a tailor-made legal solution that corresponds to specific interests of our client.

Comprehensive protection

Thanks to a team of experts specialized in particular legal areas we are able to provide our clients with a complex legal protection.


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