Medical law is a legal area that covers complex legal relations arising from the provision of health care or in connection with it. Rights and responsibilities are on the side of a citizen, as well as on the side of a health care institution, supervisory authorities, insurance companies and medical personnel itself. Life and health of citizens are the most valuable assets guaranteed by the Constitution of SR. An average person is often not aware how to prevent or manage situations where he/she has to agree with a particular way of providing the health care, or if he/she suspects that the health care was provided incorrectly and as a result of that his/her health or life was injured or threatened. On the other hand, the health care institution and personnel are also struggling with their rights and responsibilities resulting from the exercise of their profession. These relationships entail insurance companies, which are commercial entities seeking to minimize costs and maximize profits, and therefore tend to question the incurrence of the insurance events or reduce the claims, respectively.

Taking into consideration the value of life and health, our law firm as part of the complexity of our services specializes in the rights and responsibilities in medical law and offers the following services in this area:

  • legal services for health care providers within their legal status and activity, obtaining licenses to operate private practices, setting up clinics, transfer of medical practice, representation before the Health Care Surveillance Authority and in administrative justice,
  • addressing labour relations of medical workers, representation in case of application of the so-called recourses by health care institutions, participation in collective bargaining,
  • consulting and representation of patients, respectively survivors in proceedings on complaints against the conduct of the health care institution at the Health Care Surveillance Authority,
  • consulting and representation of patients in actions for damages regarding personal injury, respectively survivors in proceedings on protection of personality, including the claims of non-material monetary damage for invasion of privacy, personality or family life, and reimbursement of costs for funeral due to improper provision of health care by the health care institution and procedures for pension benefits before the Social Insurance Agency,
  • consulting on the issue of consent to health care, informed consent, indemnity forms, patient instruction, i.e. also with regard to incapacitated persons.




Getting licenses

Getting licenses


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