Quick questions about the rapid amendment to Act on Critical Infrastructure.

4. February 2021 | Legislation News

Critical infrastructure-risky investment for investors? Will energy investments freeze? What impact will the amendment have on CI owners? More in the article.


BREXIT and DUTIES: Statement on origin of goods in the Union in order to claim for preferential treatment in the United Kingdom

27. January 2021 | Colné právo Customs law Legislation Newsletter

Proof of origin of goods - how not to pay duty under the Agreement on Trade and Withdrawal in Trade with the United Kingdom - post [...]


Brexit and customs obligations What will happen after 1st January 2021?

31. December 2020 | Customs law News Newsletter

From 1.1.2021, the UK will be considered a third country and a separate customs and tax territory. What are the new customs obligations [...]


European order for payment – application and statement of opposition

21. August 2020 | Commercial law Uncategorized Obchodné právo Spoločnosti

European order for payment is governed by Regulation (EC) No. 1896/2006. A European order for payment is intended for cross-border [...]